Ok, we’ve all seen those crazy photo agreements for tournaments and some leagues that demand all the photos from the photographers who come through the door. In the music world, the photographers wouldn’t show up if those agreements were in place. The fans and their cell phones will be the only photos. Of course that’s […]

Being a photographer is an adventure. Being an a derby photographer has been an unexpected adventure. I don’t want to take it for granted. Yet there are moments it seems like everybody has a camera or cell phone out taking photos. Even with that on a photographer’s mind, there is so much more going on […]

Art therapy is every where. The possibilities are endless: corporate retreats, autism breakthoughs, and sure enough it’s for you. Photographers have figured out part of the story. The other half is being photographed. Photography isn’t  just about archiving the family to hang on the wall or wishing you were in a magazine. Believe it or […]

Ok, it’s the digital age! And photographers of all ages want to show off photos. No worries! Sharing photos helps get exposure. We saw your photo and would like to use it without paying you. No, no, no. But I thought that was how it works. No, no, and no. But we love you’re work […]

So, I’ve been doing some research on the subject. Every photographer who is transitioning to pro status is thinking about it. The general idea is to showcase your best work. Sounds easy enough. The portfolio should be what you show off to impress people about the potential of what could happen with a photo shoot. […]

Every photographer thinks about branding at one time or another. What am I shooting and who is wanting to pay for the service? It takes time to build clients. Some markets are quicker than others. But word of mouth spreads quicker than anything. What ever you do, some one is there to tell some one […]

So, you have a project and need some photos… now what? Hire an agency? Agencies can cover a lot of client needs, but what if you have most of those covered and just need a photographer. Well, here is the idea behind client direct and how it relates to photography. You just need a photographer to […]