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A model once said that her agent said she needed less sexy photos… Um, what does that even mean? Were our collaboration ideas sexy? Sexy is so subjective. Does it mean showing less skin? No smiles? Less flirty? None of your personality? Steve Harvey can be quoted as saying he was sexy, does it mean […]

Priceless Photos with DIY Tips

You don’t need expensive equipment… I have forgotten many things over the years that are helpful for making great photos, so why not make a few handy notes for a photoshoot. I’ve even had a class on “how to shoot in sh@tty light”, there’s even a book. I’ve been on set of a multi-million dollar […]

Do you hire a photographer by the person or by the rate…

So, if you are needing a photographer, are you looking at their skills? Perhaps a photo caught your attention. Maybe you personally know the photographer. You love the work, so why would price matter? Photographers get asked, “what’s you’re rates?” Then there is nothing after the answer… Crickets… Prices are going to vary greatly by […]

Every Model Has Stories

Every model has stories… Listen to them… I’ve been around a lot of women, they especially have stories on how men treat them. I’m far from perfect and I just want to cry over all the things they go through. Any way, take time to listen to their stories. And better yet, learn from what […]

Nashville Events

You are planning an event in Nashville… There are so many things to do in Nashville. Events are just a start. Of course you will need a photographer. Nashville is the IT CITY… people are coming here just for the experience. You don’t even have to be a musician hoping to make it big. You […]