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Intimate Portraiture

There so much to discuss here… Intimate portraiture will take on many forms. It’s not always the first thing that pops in your mind. A photo of me while painting with watercolors is intimate, few ever actually see that. If you’re thinking this is about going nude, then we can discuss that as well. Being […]

Small Town Photoshoots

I’ve shot all over Nashville, there are so many hidden spots to explore. Some of my favorite spots are creative gems. Thanks to we can find even more places for photographers to rent in Nashville. Outside of the city are so many places that can be used. As an introvert, I like to avoid […]

How do you use your camera…

Well, buttons and techniques aside, are you hiding behind the lens? Some photographers find it easy to stay behind the lens… How about interacting with what is going on in front of the lens. Ok, the photojournalistic style or even documenting events is still an awesome part of photography. Things happen and you are there […]

Divorce Party Photographer

While divorce parties have been around for a long while, they have become more common. Weddings have photographers, why not have a photographer at the divorce party. Divorce party planners can use a photographer to document the event. You don’t have to wait for the media to do a report so you can show off […]

Nervous Before a Photo Shoot?

Well, even a photographer gets nervous. So don’t worry too much. Like anything else, be prepared. Spend the time planning out what you want shot. As a photographer, I’ll spend time planning my own shoots and can even help with some ideas. This is going to be your shoot and you already have ideas of […]

Who to Market to in Photography

Since the numbers don’t lie, there are more billionaires out there than ever before. Seems money keeps making money. Meanwhile, the vast majority are trying to earn our place in this world. Seems we should be making products and services they want. Of course you don’t make a lot of money by blowing it on […]

Help, I’m a photographer and they keep becoming famous or something like that

It’s one of the side affects of photographing people in the music industry, some one is bound to become famous or something like that. Even in another genre to shoot, my Junior rollerderby team ended up being #8 in the world. (And they would kill me if I didn’t show up to take their photos, […]

Policies, Copyrights, and Derby Photographers

Ok, we’ve all seen those crazy photo agreements for tournaments and some leagues that demand all the photos from the photographers who come through the door. In the music world, the photographers wouldn’t show up if those agreements were in place. The fans and their cell phones will be the only photos. Of course that’s […]

What’s Trending in Rollerderby Photography

Being a photographer is an adventure. Being an a derby photographer has been an unexpected adventure. I don’t want to take it for granted. Yet there are moments it seems like everybody has a camera or cell phone out taking photos. Even with that on a photographer’s mind, there is so much more going on […]

Photo Therapy

Art therapy is every where. The possibilities are endless: corporate retreats, autism breakthoughs, and sure enough it’s for you. Photographers have figured out part of the story. The other half is being photographed. Photography isn’t  just about archiving the family to hang on the wall or wishing you were in a magazine. Believe it or […]