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Intimate Portraiture

There so much to discuss here… Intimate portraiture will take on many forms. It’s not always the first thing that pops in your mind. A photo of me while painting with watercolors is intimate, few ever actually see that. If you’re thinking this is about going nude, then we can discuss that as well. Being […]

A Guide For Being Shot(photographed)

So, you decided to take one for the team. You’ve been hunkered down for long enough, so now is the moment to be a hero. After it’s over, all your friends will celebrate your glory and valor… Well, at least until they post a super Kawaii (cute) selfie. There are probably an endless amount of […]

Photography Basics too

The trend in smart phones is taking over the typical point-and-shoot. Finding another phone app is all that is needed to be able to post life’s photos. Some will do the editing for you so the latest in technology will produce photos that look like mom’s ancient photo album. And that effect is for all […]

Photography Basics

Just read the manual… And don’t be afraid to ask what works with others and have fun playing with settings. So basically practice taking shots before you want to capture that moment in time. Every camera has features that makes it marketable to be sold more than the last model. But don’t worry, what you […]