Priceless Photos with DIY Tips

You don’t need expensive equipment…

I have forgotten many things over the years that are helpful for making great photos, so why not make a few handy notes for a photoshoot. I’ve even had a class on “how to shoot in sh@tty light”, there’s even a book.

I’ve been on set of a multi-million dollar TV show with so much equipment, and one used a scrap foam board to add fill to the actors… That gives our first tip, use what you have laying around.

Use what you already have. Have the model face a light colored wall, using it as a reflector, while you shoot with your back towards the wall. Take the time to look around for a better solution.
Foam core project boards are handy.
Have someone with a white shirt stand near the model to reflect light.

Use sheets.
Actually use the scrim in your 5-in-1 reflector.
Find or make shade: Nets, Lace, sheer cloths, shade trees, awnings

Thrift stores, consignment stores, vintage are great resources; look for dresses, prom dresses, suits, props, anything usable.

Return items store, I’ve got a store called “Gimmea5” that sales returned items and overstocks that were bought in bulk and are sold to the public. These are the same items that later get resold on Ebay or yard sales. I have a bag full of bikini tops, what do I even do with those? And several gym bags of random clothes, I even bought the gym bags there, and a tote bag full of sticky bras. And yes there is lingerie items too, oh, those body stockings that might be found on 25¢ day are perfect to cut apart to make a top and have lacey stockings for under ripped jeans.

Up-cycle/Re-purpose clothes: Make something new or unique out of existing clothes. Make a cute crop top from an old pair of leggings, it’s a simple cut, bonus also body stockings can be cut apart too. T-shirts can be made into a lot of creative ideas.

Learn emergency tricks: When a chain or string strap clasp breaks, make it a halter with the one that works. Use safety pins to repair lots of things too.

Temporary tattoos can be used to cover scars or blemishes, be creative to help boost confidence.

Use an infinity scarf to make 6 different tops.

If it produces light, use it: flashlights, shop lights, fairy lights, Christmas lights, those vintage looking LED bulbs you keep seeing, a TV, glow sticks.
Light painting with long exposure photos, you can paint with a many types of light sources.
Properly build a light fixture, if you know what you are doing safely.

Mood Boards:
I still need a Pinterest account, but not every photo on the internet is up for that use.
An actual board: cork board, dry erase board, plywood
You can make notes on just about anything: Journals, composition books, napkins, phones, tablets, stone tablets, clay tablets
Take pictures and screen shots to remember things later.

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