Intimate Portraiture

There so much to discuss here… Intimate portraiture will take on many forms. It’s not always the first thing that pops in your mind. A photo of me painting with watercolors is intimate, few ever actually see that. If you’re thinking this is about going nude, then we can discuss that as well. Being intimate can have a range of meanings, what were you thing?

Speaking of going nude, did you know that most of the ones that I photograph in any form of bodily exposure are Christian women who do it for themselves and it’s not even for a husband or significant other. Yes, for themselves. Maybe it’s an innocent trip to a sunflower field or throwing caution to the wind during a hike, they will do it on their own. I won’t even have to ask for that part of a photo shoot, we would have already made a plan for that to happen. We’ll be more discrete with how we approach nude and implied photoshoots. Oh, course there are Christian women who are open about their bodies. Basically it will be about your personal preferences. Let’s lift each other up instead of tearing them down for what ever they want to do.

I mentioned going into a photoshoot with a plan. Yes, these things are planned out. It would be weird going into a shoot for one thing and then at some point make it something else. The possibilities are endless, but we know going in what the plan is.

Intimate photo shoots can be sensual. But don’t confuse the two as the same thing. You can be sensual wearing a tent, it’s all in the attitude. You can be sensual with just your eyes.

Being intimate can be as simple as showing surgery scars that are normally unseen or showing your exhaustion as a single mom or showing off your athletic training. Perhaps you will want to show your face without makeup, maybe you will actually wear makeup. My approach is to help you find strength and empowerment.

  • Women are not sex objects. There is no need for anyone to be objectified.
  • Being sexy doesn’t have to mean sex

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