Small Town Photoshoots

I’ve shot all over Nashville, there are so many hidden spots to explore. Some of my favorite spots are creative gems. Thanks to we can find even more places for photographers to rent in Nashville.

Outside of the city are so many places that can be used. As an introvert, I like to avoid the crowds. If you are willing to travel a short distance from the city, you will discover another world.

For what it cost in the city to rent a tiny space to use as a studio, you can have a large space in a rural town.

You don’t have to pay for parking.

You can get a drink without fighting a crowded bar.

You can relax, and people leave you alone. Just be friendly.

Thanks to gentrification and new construction, many places have disappeared in Nashville. There are still old and abandoned buildings scattered around if you are willing to explore.

I’ve got a long list of places to use and I keep finding more. All part of the adventure.

I’ve got an old quarry behind a Piggly Wiggly that looks promising. I’ll take the best friend there and have fun making photos. While that spot probably won’t make the normal rotation, we’re going to have fun there and make some awesome photos. And as an update, it did work out.

One thing we all worry about being in a small town is that everyone is all up in your business. I don’t like to worry about what others think as far as doing a photoshoot in a small town. If you are from another town, then you don’t have much to worry about, they may think you are some type of celebrity or musician. I might be excited with the possibility of shooting in your small town, there are so many new nooks and walls that can make for some epic photos. I just hope you can be the star you deserve to be for the moment.

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