A Guide For Being Shot(photographed)

So, you decided to take one for the team. You’ve been hunkered down for long enough, so now is the moment to be a hero. After it’s over, all your friends will celebrate your glory and valor… Well, at least until they post a super Kawaii (cute) selfie.

There are probably an endless amount of questions before a photoshoot. Seasoned models and everyday people always wonder what to expect or how to prepare. So, be ready to ask questions. That’s a great way to communicate what will happen and what to expect. I’ll just have to add to this blog post as subjects come up.

While photography captures what you look like on the outside, I hoping to bring out who you are on the inside. You are so much more than what’s on the surface.

Hair and makeup

This will depend on the shoot. Many models have their make-up dialed in as an art, others not so much. Also, at least have clean combed hair. If you need to hire someone for hair and/or make-up, you will need to plan ahead. A photographer may have a list of people to hire for the day, I might know a few or find one if schedules work out. You could go to your own salon, they usually have someone who can do make-up, get your hair did, and then show up for the shoot.

  • Hair/Make-up could happen at your salon
  • do it yourself
  • or a hair/make-up artist could have been arranged as well.
  • Be prepared to do touch ups too

Oh, it costs a MUA money to restock their supply even on a trade shoot, so be prepared to cover the kit cost and/or tip. Hair, make-up, stylist, and space rentals have to be paid whether you show up or cancel a shoot.

Grooming may have to happen. Be ready for the shoot as you see fit. There already are too many social ideals floating about what to shave or shape. Just do what you normally do. Besides legs, arms, armpits, and genital areas, I need to mention the face. Eyebrows, mustaches, beards, nose hair, and peach fuzz will show up in fine detail, just so you know.


Well this is optional. Oh, I don’t mean not any clothing as an option. Wait that actually is an option. Any way, you’ll want to figure out what you will need to wear. And how many changes you will need to make. Layers are great for removing and adding items and accessories. Be sure to try on pieces before a shoot, sizes may vary when ordering online.

Depending on the photoshoot, you may want to start in one outfit and then switch to your favorite. It takes a moment to warm up to the shoot, so why not take advantage of that by starting out with something you are comfortable in, then switch to that new or favorite outfit.

It may be obvious, but pulling clothes over your head may mess up your hair. So plan accordingly, wear it before doing your hair, use button ups, be sewn in, use body paint, or what ever.

If you are using a stylist, be sure to plan ahead for that and be prepared to pay for that time. A stylist may have to pull items from a designer or store, that’s a rental fee whether you use an item or not.

Have a wildcard look ready. It’s that idea or sexy outfit that you want to try out. It could be just a trendy idea that you can have fun with, like a floating in mid air photo or using long fabrics. I’ve got lace and a few bags of clothes that are handy as a wildcard or a backup. Anyway, time to go shopping…


It’s always a good idea to have a location to shoot at, maybe indoors or even outdoors. The possibilities are endless. We’ve got a Nashville based website called Avvay.com that is like an Airbnb for artists. So that’s a big help to find a spot. Of course there are shared co-op spaces and studios to rent out.

If you have a cool location, suggest it. Don’t be afraid to be adventurous. Also, keep in mind your photo goals so that it works together.

Some locations are going to cost money, definitely be prepared for that. Hair, make-up, stylist, and space rentals have to be paid whether you show up or cancel a shoot.


Mom always said to wear clean underwear, or something like that… There are so many options, everything from thongs to lingerie to leggings can be worn during a shoot. If you don’t wear any, that’s ok too. But you may want to warn a photographer or you can just surprise them, either way is fine. Besides, the look on the editor’s face will be priceless.

Bras, bralettes, bandeau, and sport bras are common. Each has their own benefit. The braless trend has been going on for a while too. You can wear tight or loose clothes to express as much as you want. I spent part of a shoot holding a bralette that got tossed my way, so there are plenty of options.

There are also pasties (cutlets and nipple covers) and sticky strapless bra’s. These are handy for covering up for whatever reason or situation, one being to prevent rubbing or even to prevent unwarranted remarks on the gram, other than that free the nipple. So no excuses for the adults since these things are sold at Walmart and Target, have a set handy. If not, you may end up looking for tape out of the first aid kit, I now have some in my bag because of that. Speaking of tape, double sided tape is very handy. Ironically one day I may end up using a sticky petal as a band-aid.

Camisoles, tanks, and tube tops are handy and are go to pieces for many. Even if you are braless, camis and tanks can help for quick changes or just you own comfort.

Panties come in so many varieties. At least have a pair handy just in case. Of course I have a story about a surprise during editing, let’s just say denim shorts can be shifty.

Don’t forget leggings, shorts, and bodysuits are great for many reasons especially for changing clothes quickly. Leggings might be the new hosiery, of course that’s useful too. A body suit can be used to make all kinds of outfit combinations and as a bonus tip it can give the illusion that your top magically stays tucked into your jeans. When it’s cold, it’s leggings that save the day.

Bikinis and swimwear might be an alternative to use when changing outfits often. That may be more of a model tip depending on your comfort level and the choice of fashion.

Calvin Klein underwear is trending right now, probably over used as a status symbol. Seems everyone is advertising that they bought CK or maybe there was a big sale. Nothing is getting between you and you’re Calvins, so show them off. These photos pop up often, something is happening there.

5 minute DIY Thong From Socks No Sew 2 in 1 tutorial STEP by STEP plus PDF

DIY Thong From Socks No Sew Easy!

DIY: How to Make a Bodysuit from a T-Shirt


It’s a lot of hard work. You’ve got make-up to do, hair to fix, closes to wear, and the one thing no one can do for you is practicing poses to get ready for a shoot.

I want your input, your look, and your style. You are so much of this and your opinion is important.

Don’t listen to the industry standards some one may try to tell you to be, be yourself. You are not a hanger for clothes.

If you are starting out modeling, practice poses, practice more, and find your light. Someone may have said you should go into modeling, your posing skills will keep you in modeling. I’ll know instantly how experienced you are. Don’t worry so much, I’ll just have to spend more time setting up the parameters. Experienced models will adapt quickly and find their light which is very important.

One secret to modeling is that models will pose and after the shutter click will then make slight adjustments to get ready for the next shot, and yes mirrorless cameras have a beep or noise that can be turned on to help the model. That will go on for a while so a model can flow. It takes lots of concentration to keep doing that, so I’ll pause as often as needed to let you relax. I’ll also show you shots so you can see what you have been doing. That helps both of us understand what is being photographed. Of course it’s easy to tell if your poses and expressions are working, I’ll keep making photos.

Ask questions and answer questions. Communication is key to know what is happening and how to relate to the shoot. There already are endless variables to a photoshoots, questions help with the details.

There may be more paperwork than just a photo release. Some projects need a NDA too, hopefully it’s just about being time sensitive until the release date, like keeping the project off of social media until it’s ready. If the NDA is to cover up bad behavior, then you need to run away, get out quick. If you are doing the shoot for your own sites like Patreon, OnlyFans, Zenfolio, Smugmug, self printing, etc., you will need the photographer to sign a print release.

If you have been hired for a shoot, you may have to ask if you will get photos and what you are allowed to do with them. Tearsheets are sometimes available on projects. A TFP (Time For Photos) shoot is all about photos for all involved. I only do TFP a few times a year, so don’t count on that when you need photos for you portfolio.

Be on time and do your best not to cancel. Cancelling means you may not ever be booked again. It’s better to not book a shoot than cancel.

You’ll probably need headshots on a regular basis, especially if you are starting out. Definitely plan to invest in a set. You can pay or even your agent will pay for tests for your book. If your agent pays, keep in mind that you will be paying that back out of future projects. On a TFP shoot it’s not a problem to ask to get some headshots, you do want to get photos you can use even if the project doesn’t work out. You will want to see what you are doing and maybe use those photos for learning. Even if you’ve been hired for a shoot, it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Oh, there is this thing, “a model call”, that is a sales tactic that photographers use as a promotion to get more clients, to create a frenzy for quick sales. It’s usually just a discounted session with options to buy prints and digital files. This is different from a photographer needing a model.

Normally I’ll show you the photos during the shoot. That’s so we can see how the shoot is progressing and maybe catch something that can be improved. Just expect that some of those may be out of focus and not make the final cut.

How to look good in every picture. Model tips

How to Work With Models Also, models, please don’t be a creep either.

The Dark Side of Modeling

For a little comedy relief… Nikki Glaser is tired of being a women – Conan on TBS Ok, that might be a little too real, but it’s true for many.

This is how I feel it looks when I’m suggesting outfits to model. Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets Movie Clip – Boulan Bathor Couturier (2017)

#notamodel You can have your own ideas and do the projects you want to do.

5 Reasons Why Being A Model Sucks! From Natalie Taylor’s YouTube channel. And here’s the story she mentions, the photoshoot I regret. -Modeling Horror Story


It’s your time to show off to your fans via social media, merch, or even an album cover. Musicians already are familiar with contracts. Hiring a photographer won’t be that much different. You will need to know your numbers, a photographer will be doing that research too. There will be lots of questions. Of course we’ll have to make sure to keep the project off line until it’s ready to be released.

Musicians sometimes get their fans or friends to do them a solid with photos. Why would I mention that? Photographers do go to shows to network with bands, managers, event planners, label insiders, writers, producers, venue staff, magazines, TV, YouTubers, PR people, social media, and any one else working in the music industry. When one of my friends performs, she has lots of music industry personnel in the audience, so it’s best to go to her shows. I’ve meet so many people. Working for exposure has long past.

For a photoshoot, you will need a clear vision of what you need. You may have a limited budget, but you need to be working with a photographer to make that vision a reality. There will be expenses to consider such as location, fashion stylists, set decorating, and more.


You’re going to need headshots starting out. This is going to be an investment to land roles. It really does help. I apply to roles too, and have to have recent photos to show.

I do like to take a cinematic approach to composing a corporate headshot. It’s a little more interesting than the plain backdrop photos that have to be made too.

Whether we are on a stage or in front of a Red, we have trained to present our character to an audience with words, movement, emotions, and timing. A photo is just a still from one of those moments. It is not hard to adapt to stills for actors, you just need to be aware to help make the shoot go smoothly. I may need you to repeat actions so I can get a proper still. Models have a knack to wait until a shutter clicks and then moves slightly for the next shot.


Rule number one… Don’t objectify any one…

You are the one that gets to decide if you want to do this. Don’t let anyone talk you into it.

The great artists painted and sculpted nudes. Fine art nudes is a time honored tradition. If it’s something you want to try or do many times, there is no shame after turning 18, or 30. It’s perfectly normal to have a go at it. Besides, there is so much more to you than the outside.

There are so many reasons why you may want to give a nude/implied shoot a go. Believe it or not, I get the most inquiries from church ladies and from those in the CCM/Gospel music industry, I’m not exactly sure of the reasons other than they just want to. Also, there are cancer survivors who get pre and post mastectomy shoots, going flat is trending. Maybe after a divorce, or after having kids, or just because you want to freak out your grandkids a century from now. Just have a nude shoot for yourself.

It’s been trendy for hikers to top a hill or mountain and pose topless while someone gets a photo of their back while they’re facing the view. It’s a fun innocent implied nude. While no one may be out there for that view, you may be wanting to do something similar at your own photoshoot, so you may need to plan for that. Shirts and bralettes get tossed my way, so I have to figure out how to hold them and shoot at the same time. Having a reflector, a robe, or something to cover up with readily available helps save those awkward moments before you can get something back on.

A location will help you to be comfortable. Don’t be afraid to mention ideas you may have. I already get nervous shooting in public areas for regular shoots, even models don’t like an audience on small shoots.

Remove anything tight that leaves a mark in the skin like bras and elastic waist bands a good 30 minutes ahead of time. The skin needs time to relax.

Grooming may have to happen. Be ready for the shoot as you see fit. There already are too many social ideals floating about what to shave or shape. Just do what you normally do.

Models and photographers will discuss what will happen before a shoot. You can set your limits. Both parties will know what is expected. I actually don’t expect you to ever to be nude. I’m not going to try to convince you to take clothes off. In fact, unless you bring it up it won’t even cross my mind as an option.

From a fine-art nude perspective, these will not be sexy, hot, or whatever, just don’t use those words to describe what is happening. I’m sorry to bring up those terms. If the photos we make are for sexual objectification, then we did something wrong. Even an escort that came with the model using those terms will find the shoot being shut down. France outlaws lewd cat-calls to women in public amid attack uproar Being nude does not mean you are wanting sex or suggestive remarks. We’ll even have to be cautious with sarcasm, it’s easy to get carried away trying to keep the humor up even when we need to laugh. It’s not as glamorous as you think it would be during a shoot, it can be more technical while trying to make the photo.

It’s normal for a model to be nude during a shoot but cover up for breaks. Also on implied shoots a model may cover up just for the photos and be nude the rest of the time. What ever your comfort level is, just be yourself.

We can fake a nude shoot. Of course there are lots of ways to fake a nude shoot, and to be clear you will know what the possible end results will be before hand, there will be no surprises. If you are scared, then that will show up in your face, so a few clever tricks and strategiclly placed clothes can help you feel comfortable and confident. Tape and pasties are handy for covering up. String bikini and g-string strings can be removed. It’s easy to shift a top to the side so it’s less noticable. One clever trick is to move the knot on a bikini top to the side away from the camera so it’s not visible and editing is easier. The idea is that you can be comfortable during the shoot, and have results you want without the risk of actually being nude. After one shoot, while editing bra marks on her skin I thought it would have been easier to remove a thin string. That would have saved us a lot of trouble. While this can be fun, there is planning ahead of time and it can be technical to set up so editing goes smoothly.

Know your photographer. Check out their portfolio, that will help you while finding a photographer. You’ll get a feel for their style and what to expect. There are lots of GWAC’s (guy/girl with a camera) out there who just wants you to GNOC (get naked on camera). What scares me is that some will remove clothing without telling you first.

From a model being objectified: Art Modeling and Intent We need to keep working on ending objectification.

Knowing Your Limits (And Sticking to Them)

Unfortunately the internet is full of those who can’t handle any nudity (or even the clothed) without objectifying someone, and the comments and direct messages can be horrible.

Rule number two… Always practice rule number one…

Oh, please study poses… Classic art and fine art poses, know how your body moves and creates shape.

Bec Time Square


This is about you being you…

Boudoir is growing in photography. Boudoir is going to be about your confidence, sensuality, and femininity. An everyday ordinary person gets to made up or even shows up ready for the shoot. Someone new to boudoir may have a lot of questions. Discussing beforehand what needs to happen saves a lot of trouble.

This one genre can have a vast range of outfits used, there is no limit to your imagination. It may be a stretch for some to pose in a significant other’s article of clothing or even lingerie while some will be comfortable nude. You get to explore your own self and even be daring to try something you normally don’t do. Just don’t confuse this with a lingerie shoot, that’s what pro models are doing when they are shooting in underpinnings. Of course you may want to be in lingerie, just holding a sheet, wearing sports attire, in a bikini, sans clothes, without a top, without bottoms, backstage at your performance, in a suit, being emotional, at a private hiking spot, DIY fashion, and so much more.

This type of shoot is where you can have serious fun. Discussing it ahead of time will help with expectations. This shoot is for you, you may want to do it for a significant other, but ultimately you find that it’s for you.

Keep in mind that being sexy is a state of mind, not your clothes. You can show confidence even while pretending to be shy.

Finding Healing in Front of the Camera

Clothing ideas: a pair of jeans can be used with a bodysuit, corset, crop, Cami, tank, bra, bralette, no-bra, and more. Sports bra, gym shorts, significant other’s shirt, overalls, rompers, and more can be used. As you can see, you don’t even have to buy lingerie.

Athletes: Climbers, Skaters, etc.

Generally a photoshoot is going to be straight forward. You can work on a theme, get headshots, and make photos according to your personal branding.

It’s sponsorship that makes things a little tricky. You and your photographer may need to review the contracts. Make sure you don’t submit anything you don’t have permission to use. Also the use of brand hashtags needs to be discussed prior to the shoot and before posting photos. You can ruin a business relationship between photographer and the company very quickly if you are attempting to advertise for them.

Normally you can make your own photos with whatever camera you have to make posts and blogs to show off your sponsors. It’s when you get another person involved that things get complicated, you own your own rights to your photo but not someone else’s photo. A family member, a friend, or a fan may be thrilled to give you permission to use a photo. You’ll still need a print release/permission from a photographer no matter who they are.

Movie Stills/Production Stills

Normally I’ll have access to get a wide variety of stills on and off set. That may be stills from directly behind the cameras or even photos that include behind the scenes views of production. Of course talent will want to be photographed, and there will be times to be discreet to allow personal prep time. I may have to meet with producers or even marketing for any specific shots that may be needed.

Dates and times are also important, a call sheet is handy on long production days. Even though I don’t have to have an assistant, having a contact person for occasional questions helps a lot.

General Guidelines

  • Your privacy is respected, your projects are met with discretion.
  • Your ideas are welcome. It’s better to have more ideas than needed going into a shoot. In fact, your ideas are a big part of the photoshoot and are more than welcome to say no to my ideas.
  • I’m going to photograph women as strong and independent, no one is perfect, you don’t have be defined by what you think others think of you, don’t compare yourself to others.
  • Bring someone along, I’ll put them to work.
  • Bring snacks and water just in case, some have to have something. I have thought I packed water bottles, but didn’t. And I’ve brought beef jerky while shooting a vegan, oops.
  • Try on clothes before the shoot, sizes may vary when ordering online. We’ll get creative with safety pins and clips.
  • Be your amazing self. Don’t worry about what others are doing.

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