Every Model Has Stories

Every model has stories… Listen to them…
I’ve been around a lot of women, they especially have stories on how men treat them. I’m far from perfect and I just want to cry over all the things they go through.

Any way, take time to listen to their stories. And better yet, learn from what they are saying. Many stories are fun or even about the small victories of making the best of a scenario. It doesn’t even mean it was a horror story, those are just the worst.

One story from a model was about a photographer who claimed his camera was in the shop but still offered to shoot with his cell phone. While cell phone photography is a thing, this was not happening. Another friend mentioned that when ever she tries to do a photoshoot, the guy tries to get with her. Who does that? Why is that happening?

There are plenty of stories of guys who are just too happy to have a pretty model in front of their lens, and their work shows that. Models easily pick up on that sort of thing. Lack of experience is one thing, motives are another.

Another thing, a model likes to see the photos from a shoot. Photographers may want to hang on to control of those for many reasons like only wanting to show quality images. The model is wanting to see what she was doing. Listening and communicating may help both out to get the best out a shoot. I’m always learning what to do better, so are the models.

There are those moments you forget to warn the model that others are waiting to use the one stall restroom in the park. While the kid is talking about seeing butterflies, what was seen when she came out was a story his dad won’t be telling mom.

I once told my friend that I was house sitting, she responded that it was too far to drive. While I had been thinking of online chatting, I wasn’t expecting that response and the assumption that I was asking her to go there. I just rolled with it and probably didn’t do a good job at that since I didn’t have the heart to tell her other wise. I also hope I haven’t said something to a model and it was taken wrong. For example, when I mention a location being more private, what I really mean is there will be less hassle from passerby’s to avoid jeers and stares. Yeah, communication has to happen.

Many times, I’m sure women go into any giving situation with a wealth of experiences that help protect them. (Of course men have the same defenses too.) You just learn to make a graceful exit.

If you are a photographer, be professional. Act like it no matter your experience.

A few more important notes:
Rashida Jones has a documentary on a similar subject for online videos. Hot Girls Wanted

Sarah Ziff’s documentary, Picture Me, is about the modeling world. And she also started The Model Alliance for being an advocate for model rights.

Jen Rozenbaum also covered the subject. NY Boudoir Photographer | All Men are Perverts, well that can be the assumption.


The Dark Side of Modeling

Myths About Becoming a Professional Model

How to Work With Models Also, models, please don’t be a creep either. Like seriously, you don’t have to do that, you have talent.

For a little comedy relief… Nikki Glaser is tired of being a women – Conan on TBS Ok, that might be a little too real, but it’s true for many.

5 Reasons Why Being A Model Sucks! From Natalie Taylor’s YouTube channel. And here’s the story she mentions, the photoshoot I regret. -Modeling Horror Story

What NOT To Say At A Boudoir Photo Shoot Um, it calls me out on saying perfect a lot, like a comical amount.

10 Models Explain the Dangerous Power Dynamics in the Modeling Industry | The Models | Vogue Everyone needs to see this, I’m saddened by this.

Megyn Kelly Presents: A Response to “Bombshell” – Full Discussion You shouldn’t have to endure bad behavior just to get where you want to be.

Comments with stories are welcome.

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