How do you use your camera…

Well, buttons and techniques aside, are you hiding behind the lens? Some photographers find it easy to stay behind the lens… How about interacting with what is going on in front of the lens.

Ok, the photojournalistic style or even documenting events is still an awesome part of photography. Things happen and you are there watching while taking photos to share the story.

What about making a difference? I’m not talking about creating a story like in editorial, fashion photography. Even in voluntourism, people pose with village kids or their own group making a photo that looks like you are doing something of good there. But, is that really making a difference? It’s great to document your journey.

It’s easy sometimes to hide behind the camera when so much more is going on in front of the lens. I’ve documented trips to some of the poorest parts of our nation. There is just something shallow about using the opportunity to show off the good work you are doing. When you leave, the problems and situations are still there. What will bring people to an equal level.

What’s cool is that even when I mess up, I can learn how to do things differently next time. As a photographer/videographer I can tell their story. Sometimes my way of telling the story even makes sense to others. No matter what, I still try again and again. Maybe my style will make a difference in someone or for someone.


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