Who to Market to in Photography

Since the numbers don’t lie, there are more billionaires out there than ever before. Seems money keeps making money. Meanwhile, the vast majority are trying to earn our place in this world.

Seems we should be making products and services they want. Of course you don’t make a lot of money by blowing it on just anything and everything. It’s got to be an investment.

Buying a camera for photography is an investment. Using it to make money, now that can be tricky. Seems you just can’t set up shop and expect them to start handing you money. You got to work for it. Could take years or happen quickly depending on many factors. Still haven’t figured out how that happens, but hey, I’ve been shooting aspiring musicians for a while. One of them is bound to remember me when they make it big.

Oh, here is a brilliant idea… Go shoot a non-profit organization or sports league. While you won’t make money, you’ll make all kinds of friends. Maybe one of those will need a photographer. Of course I never really wanted to think like that. I’m there to give of my time and services. For some reason, when I’m the one in need I’ll advoid situations that could benefit me. Just never seemed right to take advantage like that.

Branding will help in defining what is expected from your photography. So have fun and be creative when making photographs. Ideally you will be hired for your skills and ability to work in an art direction that is needed. It’s not that difficult to copy or mimic others and their art, but be careful with that so you don’t end up in an awkward position with another artist.

It could be time to get out of that rut, or launch into something new. It’s tough out there in some markets, while others seem to be throwing money around. Take a breath and be fearless even if it is just a small step.

I was always afraid of the internet for marketing. Turns out, it didn’t mean lots of emails or texts or even phone calls. Instead got crickets. What has worked is word of mouth, the old fashion method of one person telling another person. Seems to be the best way. That also means that my online presence still has to be there to back up what people tell other people. Still have a lot of work to do…

Watching trends as they happen, the servant class is growing… Welcome to Downton Abbey America


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