What to Photograph

Photography covers a wide spectrum of possibilities. The skill is being prepared for the different needs. Specialty shots: Weddings, Portraits, Concerts, Album covers, Architectural, Landscape, Nature, Wildlife, Sports,Video, etc. There are a lot of fun ways to take a photograph and in some interesting events. But there is more to shooting the main event than just the typical shots that hang in the hall or over the mantel. Now there is the social media microblogging, photos, and video for all the world to see.

Weddings: The main event is classically what everyone sees. What about the engagement photos. Dress fittings and searching for the dress is fun for the those albums you pull out years later. Even consider taking photos of activities that go along with the wedding and even follow the wedding. One wedding I’ll be shooting next year will include the wedding party going on some adventure trips to the local spots  in Alaska for white water rafting and hiking in the mountains. It’s about spending time doing what is familiar and celebrating the main event. So, as a photographer, just be flexible and willing to go beyond what is needed. It’s difficult to put an exact price tag on a wedding, considering all the options available. A photographer has to move from portraits to photojournalism styles, usually with in moments. That is why it is important to know what is needed before the wedding event. A bride needs to set aside time for those formal portraits, preferably before the wedding ceremony.

Portraits: Part of just about every aspect of photography will eventually involve people. Take the time to learn what it means to take a photograph of some doing something  and a Portrait. There is an art to combing light, poses, and checking the background. It takes time and lots of effort to get things right. Locations need to be scouted out, times of day chosen, and equipment set up.

Lighting demands is another world. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just there. Natural light is great, but it runs out in the evening. A new series of LED bulbs now being sold has a 5000k bulb that may be a good substitute for those compact fluorescent bulbs that has mercury. You can be Green without harming the environment to do so.

It takes a lot more skill than just the technical issues of the camera and lighting. It takes time to learn and grow your art. So don’t give up too soon. Just keep practicing and learn from others.


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