So, I’ve been doing some research on the subject. Every photographer who is transitioning to pro status is thinking about it. The general idea is to showcase your best work. Sounds easy enough. The portfolio should be what you show off to impress people about the potential of what could happen with a photo shoot.
Are you looking for a number? Like 5-10, or more. Are you wondering if it should be online, in a flat book, or hanging in your studio? Well, yes it should. Have it where people see your work.
So many more questions come to mind. I get a lot of people who think they are good enough to expand my portfolio. I’m very picky when it comes to showing off my work in a portfolio. You wouldn’t think that by my facebook page. But, not everything makes it to my fan page or even in my G+ site. They still think photographing them means my portfolio will get better. Hmmm, I’ve got some superstars in the making as friends, got candid shots of an actress from this year’s biggest movie, and yet one more wantabe who thinks her name is big wants to expand my portfolio. How cute. Commission work generally doesn’t have to make it in to the portfolio since it usually is that person’s idea of a photography session. Some times it may work out. That brings me to the issue. At some point you should be working on expanding your own portfolio the way you want to.
Here are a few ideas: Hire a model, figure models are trained for this. Pick a killer location. Storyboard the shoot. Make shot lists. Rent a studio. Travel. Try something inspiring. Create a budget. Involve other artists like hair, make-up, fashion designers, architects, craftsmen, etc. The list is endless, just be creative.
This is almost like what some do for editorial shoots. Taking shots to show off in magazine. Of course you may not want to show off every editorial, but the process of working on a portfolio may be the same. Putting work and effort into it.
I’m starting to get a little nervous about showing off what I think is my best work. What if no one likes it or gets it? I wish I had a National Geographic spread. Some killer shots in Rock&Ice, Climbing, or Alpinist. Khumbu ice falls would make a killer location. I should go to Paris… Paris, Tn for the Eiffel tower replica. How about a road trip on Rt 66. A wedding in Alaska, oh wait, doing that in September. Lots of room to dream, but got to start some where, so why not where I’m at.


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