Photography 2.0

Social media is everywhere. So why not jump in to it along with regular photography. The demand for basic prints is on the decline. I can print at home, and with out effort, what you can get at a box store. When it comes to art prints, go with a professional service.
Back to social media. Photographers can work with it. Depending on your services provided the current wave means being a social media coordinator. It’s another hat to wear in the ever growing field of photography. It’s not new, just seldom thought about.
For a wedding, the guests show up with cameras. So why not help the couple gather those shots. As another service so the couple knows they are getting more for their money, you can help coordinate all those photos. It could be as simple as setting up a flickr, picasa, wordpress, a website, or any other account. Just have the guests’ email address to send instructions. Normally a photographer would have proofs for the couple and family to order from on a website. Part of the service offered can be presenting those guest shots to tell the story of the day. Hopefully the times are correct on the cameras.
The possibilities are endless. Bands have basically been doing this on their social media sites. After a show, the fans post their photos. And tracking all that down is almost impossible. But having a strong social media presence helps get information out to let fans know where to post the photos.
This works in a wide variety of events. Charities, organizations, sports teams, churches, bands, celebrities, actors, musicians,  and many more benefit from having a central location to manage all those photos and comments. So, the next phase of services for a photographer is to include some level of social media coordination.
For most, it just means being a way to give clients more value to your photography services. Clients may just need suggestions, others will need a complete internet presence created. This is a good way to market those skills at organizing.
There should be plenty of blogs and web sites there sharing this type of information, that’s where I got the idea to blog about it. Having been working with social media on my own sites and several businesses, combining the services with your photography business will benefit your clients. Just be creative and think outside the box.


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