Photo Therapy

Art therapy is every where. The possibilities are endless: corporate retreats, autism breakthoughs, and sure enough it’s for you. Photographers have figured out part of the story. The other half is being photographed.

Photography isn’t  just about archiving the family to hang on the wall or wishing you were in a magazine. Believe it or not, you can live out your dreams and you can explore the therapeutic aspects.

So grab that new outfit and let’s make some art. And yes, keep in mind this is art. Bring a friend and just have some fun!

Oh, making a photograph goes way beyond pressing that shutter release. Here are some things to think about.
•Pick the right photographer.
•Who is doing your hair?
•What about makeup!
•Then locations, inside or outside?
Maybe thinking about all this is a little too much.

When does the therapy kick in? For some, it’s the planning process. For others, it’s the feeling you get from the end result seeing the photograph. It’s you becoming part of the process and getting outside your normal comfort zone. Boudoir photographers have stumbled on to this. A lady steps out of her comfort zone, and experiences something more. The concept applies to other styles of photography, like fashion or lifestyle photography.

Whatever the photography style, take the time to enjoy the experience.

Here is a thought, you have to dress up all week, why not have your photographer capture you volunteering or maybe working on your car. Be the star!


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