Nervous Before a Photo Shoot?

Well, even a photographer gets nervous. So don’t worry to much.

Like anything else, be prepared. Spend the time planning out what you want shot. As a photographer, I’ll spend time planning my own shoots and can even help with some ideas. This is going to be your shoot and you already have ideas of what you think it will look like. So start looking at photos and social media boards to get the creativity flowing.

Oh, here is a hint: planning will help you have a bigger part of the photo shoot. When I need to do a photo shoot to show off my skills, I’ll spend time working with those involved so we are all on the same page. It may be just as simple as giving a makeup artist a few ideas or can be as complex as developing boards with details.

One thing that will cause people to cancel a photo shoot is the expectations. Ladies get nervous and drop out because they have some unreal expectations. And don’t get caught up with unreal expectations that this will be on display some where with out consent. No matter the genre, go with what you are comfortable and if possible be a little adventurous.

Remember photographers show off work to get your attention and your shoot won’t be anywhere unless you do that yourself. Oh, and if you are wanting to display yourself, be sure to talk to your photographer ahead of time. While I usually assume you are going to be using my photos for your media needs, some are not yet to that understanding.

It’s time to face your fears…

Even Olympic Athletes need motivation in their sports…


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