Holiday Locations

Christmas is upon us. And there lots of other holidays are happening too. That means traveling and exploring our local spots that have those decorations you just love.

Well that also means respecting the location too. Recently the Hawaii 5-0 crew was filming at a cemetery. And it so happened to be the 7th, when WWII  veterans were there… Needless to say, the crew had some apologies to make. Any other day, it could have been business as usual. So, during the holidays, be mindful of Menorahs, Kwanzaa symbols, or what ever else is  around town. Those holiday pictures of the kids climbing all over the setups might look cute to the aunts but not so much to others. Just be aware of what is being represented and be respectful.

We all know there is a commercial permit for shooting at locations like the Gaylord Opryland Hotel. But for the tourist you can run around taking family photos. It’s a great tradition. So there may be some tips.

Holiday Tips:
(Use at home too)
Adjust settings for the available light, turn off the flash

Pose people when necessary like for group shots, but try to capture groupings in candid moments

Remember composition,  keep heads off center and use creative angles

Get down on the kids eye level… who wants the tops of heads

Take candid shots, let the action happen and capture it

Get in there close, get those expressions

Make use of available light

Also, capture the details

Be patient, especially with crowds, they want to get in the same spot you are

Keep to a theme and your pre-planning but be ready to do more

Know the rules of the facility you go to, shows don’t usually allow dslr’s

Capture memories, us that shutter button often

You are trying to get photos that get more than just a glance, take lots of photos with purpose



I’ve got to make a shot list for my niece, she gets a professional photographer to tag along to do family photos and document her Ice adventure. As long as there is no Tebowing, we may have some planking to do, but I’m hoping for a Smurf adventure or a spy kid on the loose. My luck, it’s going to be a cowgirl theme… so much for planning…


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