Help, I’m a photographer and they keep becoming famous or something like that

It’s one of the side affects of photographing people in the music industry, some one is bound to become famous or something like that. Even in another genre to shoot, my Junior rollerderby team ended up being #8 in the world. (And they would kill me if I didn’t show up to take their photos, they even have their own way of making sure I’m going to be at a future event)

I’ve shot some pretty famous people over the years. And even more are becoming well known. It’s fun just seeing their careers and sports take off.

So what to do? It’s not new territory being around the so called famous groups. There are so many stories to tell, mostly just average everyday kind of stuff so don’t get too excited. A lot of stuff is not as glamorous as some would think. One lady was having her mic pack worked on and the clothing just didn’t help matters, it was just awkward just to see her struggling with a halter top. Or how about the time one musician had to take care of someone who couldn’t drive home. Let’s just forget about a “video star” turned musician who cancelled a photo shoot one awesome make up artist spent a lot of time working out.

They start out all sweet and innocent, just wanting to break into to music industry or try on a pair of skates or what ever… next thing you know they are on a TV show or their video goes viral. Now what? They are the same person, just have a lot of fans taking over the twitter feed. Any social media post to them ends up being scrutinized by the marketing team as an attempt to market your self to their fans. Worse yet, they drop off the face of the earth to avoid their stalkers… yuck. The price of fame seems be that of having married men googling over some young swimsuit model. It gets scary…

Mean while, you are already thinking that the next photo shoot you plan may potentially be seen by thousands if not millions. It’s bound to happen. Then one day you realize it’s not going to be easy when you have to start pitching business deals to the executives instead of just meeting up for Indian food at one artist’s favorite restaurant. That reminds me, I went to school with one of those executives a few work with, and it still doesn’t come up in conversation.

No matter what, having good friends around is a bonus as any one becomes famous and falls out of popularity. Yes, falling out of favor with the masses will happen. One person I met had spent a life time with people who just wanted to be with famous people and the lifestyle that goes along with it. When it counted, guess what, no where to be found. Well, a group of us were there to the rescue. Luckily it turned out to be a water leak and not just part to the great flood.

Most of the time, I have no problems being on stage. I’ve even been on a tv show (if you look hard enough) and even have done a variety of drama sketches. I’m just not drawn to the attention, could care less about that. I just try not to think about how many saw my loose jeans in one scene as I walked away from the camera. But at least I can say I’m 2 degrees from Kevin Bacon. I just wanted a pay check while job hunting in this economy. Which reminds me of why I wrote this particular blog, I’m not that good at taking advantage of people. Well, it seems like I would be even if I was just showing off the event. While I’m not looking for the attention from some one’s fame, some just know how to market and make use of such things. Maybe I should have been doing better with tags and now the ever popular hashtags. And specifically showing off photos of various people and events.

So I guess if you really need to be famous or what ever you call it, I’ll make a photo of you so you can be famous… but more than likely it’s you and your talent that will make you the star…


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