Client Direct

So, you have a project and need some photos… now what? Hire an agency? Agencies can cover a lot of client needs, but what if you have most of those covered and just need a photographer.

Well, here is the idea behind client direct and how it relates to photography. You just need a photographer to work with you and your marketing plans. But paying an agency means you end up paying a bunch of people when all you needed was just one or a few people involved. For a startup business you have friends and family working on stuff to promote, you just need a few specific photos for your business. Or you are an established company, which means your secretary and maybe some employees can do some of the work an agency would do for you anyway. You already have ideas and the tools like twitter, facebook, instagram, youtube, a website, and a blog for marketing. You just need someone on board with your needs. You don’t always have to resort to scrolling through endless photo sites to find just the right one. As a client you need someone to work directly with you to get what you need.

The possibilities are endless. You just have to find a photographer to meet your needs. So, take the time to talk to your local photographers to find one that meets your needs. A musician may need a fashion shoot, a model may need a portfolio, an agency may need a fashion shoot, or even an athlete may need a media spread. Some photographers can and will do multiple shooting methods. With this economy, some are more than willing to think outside the box and try new things with their skills. Take the time to match your needs with those skills.

Don’t forget to consider pricing. Photographers need to make a living. There are normal life expenses. Artists need to eat and have a place to live. A shoot doesn’t just involve a few final photos. There is editing, gear rentals, models to hire, set decorations, answering email, making meetings, hiring assistants, and so much more to pull off a photo shoot. People love a bargain, so be careful.

But, there is always a but… there are some things to consider especially with usage. How are the photos being used?

A photographer owns the copyrights. Just because you hire a photographer does not mean you have rights to do as you please with those photos. Licensing can be simple or even complex. A photographer doesn’t like being abused and especially when photos are used incorrectly. Be up front so licensing requirements can be correctly negotiated. Photographers already know what can happen with internet usage and should be ready for that. A base price may include social media coverage but you selling those photos may not be acceptable. Being upfront with usage helps everyone involved.

Hopefully prices and details are worked out. And don’t forget those model releases!


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